February 18, 2004

Christmas Pictures -- Rediscovered!

Grandma Nelms managed to snap the only Christmas photos, but the roll of film went missing soon after and was sadly given up for lost. So imagine everyone's surprise when the missing roll recently showed up hiding in a pile of unused film! We know they're late, but that's better than never, right?

Looking at the animated Christmas display at the community center.


Trying on Grandpa Nelms' hat.


Watching Leanne open a present.


Admiring the candles on Grandma Nelms' Christmas pyramid.


Matt, Alex and the new bear puppet.


Alex sits among his gifts, trying to pretend he doesn't need a nap.

Jan2 018.jpg

Alex's first serious experience with chocolate, at a Christmas party hosted by the toddler playgroup he attends.

Jan2 029.jpg

Alex and Santa.

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