January 25, 2004

More! More!

Alex must be having a growth spurt. So far today, he's eaten a small plate of hash browns, a small container of yogurt, a little cluster of grapes, two handfuls of raisins, a cracker, a small bowl of rice-tomato-zuchinni casserole, a small cup of buttermilk, a small bowl of mac & cheese, several peach slices, an entire German sausage, half an apple, a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese and a small cup of grape juice. And he hasn't even had his bedtime snack yet.

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January 12, 2004

Snow Day

Jan2 005.jpg
All bundled up and ready to go.

Jan2 009.jpg

Grandpa Nelms gives Alex a ride in his improvised sled.

Jan2 011.jpg

Leanne's turn to pull.

Jan2 012.jpg

Helping Matt dig out the car.

Jan2 014.jpg

Impromptu family portrait.


"My nose is frozen. Can we go in now?"

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