December 31, 2003

Christmas Update

Alex had a fairly quiet Christmas. In fact, it was so uneventful we forgot to take pictures and are waiting on Leanne's parents to develop the set that they took so we can have some pictures to put here.

On Christmas morning, we all went over to Grandma and Grandpa Nelms' house, had a yummy breakfast (Alex wasn't sure what to think about the spiced crab apples), and then opened presents. Alex got a bunch of toys, of course, including a wind-up truck, a new piano keyboard, a musical bear from Great-Grandma Helen, and a stack of new books. A couple days later, the post office finally located his new electronic LeapPad from Grandma and Grandpa Nuckolls. He's been using it and can already say many of the words like "shoes" and "nose," as he points to the object or picture.

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December 03, 2003


About two weeks ago, Alex started saying a new word. It wasn't one we recognized, but he would point to items in the fridge and say "Bah-beese?" He also used the new word when he handed us his sippy cup for a refill, wanted food from the cupboard, or off of our plates. Matt suggested that maybe he was saying "Please," but it didn't seem to fit with the situations. One day, he was wanting another section of the orange I was eating, and I said, like I always do, "Do you want a piece?" and he said, nodding, "Bah-beese!" Mystery solved. He's been trying to tell me this whole time that he wants "a piece."

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Finally, some new pictures

Dec3 004.jpg
Alex has a new table and chairs, just his size. He eats all his snacks there now, and even breakfast sometimes.

Dec3 010.jpg

The obligatory "Alex and Buford on the Couch" picture.

Dec3 016.jpg

This is what happens when we go to the store and don't get everything put away quick enough.

Dec3 018.jpg

Ready for a winter stroller ride.

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