November 05, 2003


Nov1 036.jpg
This was Alex's first "walking" Halloween. Before he got into his lion suit, he was all smiles.

Nov1 040.jpg

But after hiking several blocks, both he and the 3-year-old neighbor girl were starting to get that glazed-eye look.

Nov1 041.jpg

Eating some licorice.

Nov1 038.jpg

Posing with Grandma Nelms.

Nov1 043.jpg

Examining his candy with Grandpa Nelms. Alex's take consisted of two mini-licorices, two mini-chocolate bars, one peanut butter cup, a piece of toffee and a small pack of gummy bears.

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November 04, 2003

The Playground

Alex and I went to the playground yesterday. He'd point at a piece of equipment and look at me. I'd say "go on", and he'd run to it and play. Then he'd get bored, look around, and find a new piece of equipment. Point. Look. "Go on". Run.

He decided he was going to climb up the slides. Not the ladder part, oh no. The slippery part. All of them, starting on his left, working his way to the right. That ended up being more work for Pappa than originally expected. He couldn't generate enough friction to avoid sliding back down, so I provided a foot platform or a handhold every 12 inches or so. For an hour.

Momma will get some pictures posted in a few hours, right Momma?

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