June 17, 2007

Alex turns 5

mar07 002.jpg
Bubble-maker from Grandma Nelms.

mar07 007.jpg
And what's a birthday without these things?

mar07 012.jpg
Books from Grandma Nelms and Great-Grandma Helen.

mar07 014.jpg
Trying out the new coloring books from Grandma Nuckolls.

mar07 016.jpg
Lots of bubbles from the new bubble machine!

mar07 034.jpg
Alex had a birthday cake at his preschool.

mar07 035.jpg
He shared it with all his friends at lunchtime.

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Max at 6 months old

This is what Max looked like around the time he was 6-7 months old.

mar07 024.jpg
Before the haircut.

mar07 030.jpg
After the haircut. If you look really closely, you can see Max's two bottom teeth.

Down at Buford's level.

mar07 022.jpg
Some mashed avocados.

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Christmas in June?

No, not really. We're just super late getting the Christmas pictures uploaded.

Everybody posing at Great-Grandma Helen's house. Max was about 5 months old in these pictures.

Alex puts the angel on top of the tree at Grandma and Grandpa Nelms' house.

Listening to Grandpa Nelms read the Christmas story.

"This opening-presents thing is more fun than a ... hey, look, a barrel of monkeys!"

Max samples one of his gifts.

dec06 002.jpg
Max and Aunt Becky.

dec06 023.jpg

dec06 009.jpg
It was Grandma's idea, honest.

Max and his cousin Irene, born 3 weeks apart.

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