December 12, 2006

A smattering of recent photos

oct06 001.jpg
Morning nap

oct06 005.jpg
Max and Fritz

We had some snow.

oct06 007.jpg
And then some more snow.

oct06 008.jpg
Frozen Alex.

oct06 010.jpg
In late October, Matt finally came home from Afghanistan.

nov06 002.jpg
Alex was a dragon for Halloween.

nov06 001.jpg
He was very proud of his shimmery wings.

nov06 003.jpg
Max was a pinto pony, but kept being mistaken for a cow.

nov06 005.jpg
"Look what I found in the coat closet!"

nov06 006.jpg
Because the only thing tastier than your own finger is Papa's finger.

nov06 010.jpg
Max's favorite activity these days: Gnawing.

Picture 7.jpg
Random candid shot.

dec06 001.jpg
Deer-in-headlights baby.

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