September 29, 2006

Two months of Max

Max is two and a half months old now. He smiles and coos and has developed a regular nap and bedtime pattern. He's also really good at lifting his head and looking around when he's on his belly.

sept06 012.jpg
Happy Max

sept06 014.jpg
Pensive Max.

Family portrait, sort of.

aug 009.jpg
Max shows off his colorful wool diaper cover.

sept06 017.jpg
Max is a confirmed thumb-sucker, and only the right thumb will suffice.

aug06 001.jpg
Alex shows off the bridge he made for his matchbox cars.

sept06 008.jpg
The boys.

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Alas, poor Ak...

Our black-and-white rat went to rodent heaven over the weekend, and Alex learned a lesson the hard way about playing gently with small pets. When I wasn't looking, he decided to get into the rat cage and take Ak out, which he is not allowed to do. Ak was dropped at some point and did not survive the fall. Had it been Ik, his cagemate, he would have been fine. But Ak had an inner ear infection about a year and a half ago that left him with extremely poor balance and made him walk in circles. Rats with severe balance problems don't land on their feet, unfortunately. I was alerted by Alex's cries of "Mama, Ak is sleeping!!"

We had a little rat funeral in the backyard and Alex picked out one of his favorite T-shirts to line Ak's shoebox coffin with. The little red wagon was used to haul dirt.

Ik, the remaining rat, now has strictly supervised petting sessions and a new too-high-for-Alex spot for his cage.

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