July 31, 2003

Angry Small One

July31 003.jpg July31 017.jpg
July31 035.jpg
He's not always happy, believe it or not.
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You're so little!

July31 024.jpg
Don't laugh. This is how you look to a giraffe.
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Target Acquired

July31 041.jpg
Right at this moment, Beauford is thinking "uh oh, he's looking at me". Alex is thinking "I wonder what will happen if I stick my thumb in his eye".
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All My Children

July31 027.jpg Here's my boys. Alex wasn't hitting Beauford, or sitting on him, or sticking his hand in his mouth, or pulling on his paws or tail. In honor of the occasion, we took a picture.
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Pearly Whites

teeth.jpg They're teeth. They're new. Some are brand new. Some aren't even quite in yet, which results in much lost sleep. See the almost-in canines? They're pretty important. They must be: he tells us all about em every night, usually right around 2am.
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New Camera

We got a new camera. It's very nice. If you're in the market right now, then I recommend this one. Did I mention it's very nice? Leanne adds: It's a Canon Powershot S50, and it came with a manual the size of a phone book, but it does take very high-quality pictures.


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July 29, 2003

Healthy as a horse (or at least a small pony)

We're happy to report that Alex's sensitivity to wheat products has resolved itself. Apparently his body just needed a little extra time. All his old favorites have been gradually added back into his diet -- crackers, pasta, waffles, toast -- and he's doing great. It also makes mealtime much easier, since he can simply eat a smaller, chopped-up portion of whatever we're having. Alex's iron levels have also improved from the "borderline" results that showed up during his annual checkup. Adding more red meats and a chewable children's vitamin seemed to do the trick.

The bad news is that he's teething terribly this past week or so. His canines are coming in at the same time as his first set of molars, and he's miserable about it -- mostly in the evenings and at night. Apparently, it's hard work being a toddler.

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July 27, 2003

Psst, they're thumbnails. Click em.

Small toddler throws ball to papa. Notice his aim, which is perfect. This picture is the one and only time he's ever done that. It always comes in my general direction, but he's not quite accurate yet. PS He's right handed.

First Load 022.jpg

He was crying 10 seconds ago. You stick a camera in his face and he smiles. It's great.

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July 20, 2003

Joining the Revolution

We're in the process of moving Alex's online scrapbook over to a "blog" system called MovableType. Instead of building a complete page every month, we'll add an entry every time he does something cute. The system takes care of the actual formatting, layout, etc.

Becky, Aaron, Tasha, please show your folks how to use the comments and stuff. If you're an old person that doesn't have a resident teenager, go out on the street, yell "WTT caffeine 4 blog infoz", a representative will be with you shortly.

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