March 29, 2006

A couple random photos

Giving his favorite bunny a ride.

march06 001.jpg
Alex and his Thursday playgroup friends went on a fire station tour recently. He was hesitant to climb on the big fire engine, but finally summoned up the courage.

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Belated Christmas Pics

Yes, they are horribly late. We had a hard drive crash, but finally managed to cobble together some of the rescued photos with a few that Aunt Becky shot. Better late than never.

Hanging around with Grandpa Nuckolls.

Reading a book with Grandma Nuckolls.

Alex reads a book in the background with Great-Grandma Helen, while Fritz the cat gets petted.

Showing off his new shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Nelms.

New book.

Alex models his new hat from Great-Grandma Helen.

Trying on Matt's new scarf.

Alex oversees the construction of his new train set.

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March 06, 2006

If it hurts, don't do it

Alex stuck crayon pieces up his nose this morning. He came to me crying and panicking, "Owie, owie, it hurts!" As it happens, a friend of mine long ago taught me the trick to getting objects like this out of little noses (Thanks Marsha!). You hold the remaining nostril closed and you breathe a single quick and forceful puff of air into their open mouth, almost exactly like doing mouth-to-mouth. It creates enough sinus pressure to blast the little object right out of there. So, crisis averted, and Alex is now short one orange crayon. We had a little talk about "I bet that hurt and you won't do that again" and he very emphatically agreed.

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