November 02, 2005

Sprained foot

Well, it was inevitable at some point. Alex had his first trip to the ER last night. He's been jumping off of furniture for fun for quite a few months now, but finally found his match, which turned out to be the kitchen table. We only found out which piece of furniture it was when he proudly informed the billing ladies at the hospital exactly what he had done. It was his first known kitchen table attempt, and if he learned anything at all, it will be his last.

From my point of view, in the other room, it sounded something like this:

"Mommy, I'm a frog!"

And this, of course, happened just minutes after his usual doctor's office had closed for the day. So, he ended up with some nice x-rays, a little Ace bandage and some ibuprofen. He also has a swollen and bruised spot on the top of his foot. This morning, he hobbles when he absolutely has to, but otherwise prefers to crawl around his playroom or be carried from room to room.

It's going to be a long week.

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