July 14, 2005

St. Louis trip

In early June, Alex traveled to St. Louis for Aunt Becky's graduation and then stayed for two weeks doing all sorts of fun things.

Floating in the pool with Grandpa Nuckolls.

Swinging in the back yard.

On the zoo train with Grandma Nuckolls.

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I'm a big kid now

Alex has turned a massive corner with his potty training. The only time he wears pull-ups now is at night and he's dry in the morning most of the time anyway. Throughout the day, he decides when he needs to go and just rushes in there and does his business, although we are often treated to monologues on what exactly is happening ("Uh oh, more poopy! C'mon poopy, you can do it!") He's about 95% on getting pee in the proper place and about 50% for poop, and he's improving every day. His preschool sent his pull-ups and wipes home last week, which is a sign that they consider him trained enough to move him up to the next level classroom in the fall.

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