Buford's Home Page

Buford came home with us on Feb. 23, 2002. According to his vet records, he was born in 1997, but his actual birthdate is not known. We are his third family.

Buford, or "Dog Dog" as we sometimes call him, is a red and white Basset hound. He has no black spots anywhere on him like the more common tri-color Basset does.

He's not the most intelligent dog we've ever met, he drools and sheds and makes a nuisance of himself by flapping his ears in the middle of the night. But, as his previous owners said, he is incredibly loving and is in heaven when he gets to lay his head on our laps and be petted. It's not very politically correct, but we call him our "Down Syndrome child" -- full of love, almost to excess, but just a couple sandwiches short of a full picnic.

Besides, he's just so darn funny-looking. Buford is a huge hit with the neighborhood kids, who run to greet him whenever he's out for a walk. Several of the older kids even show up at our door in the evenings to volunteer to take Buford out.

Our dream is that someday, when we move back to the States, we can get him his own backyard and a doggie door. He'd like that.

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April-July 2002

Posing on the porch.

Sitting in the new chair we got him after we had to return his FMO chair.

Soaking up some rays.

Baby and the Beast.
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Buford shows off his best side to the camera.